Medical and Imaging Equipment Resale, Planning & Decommission

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Unsure what to do with medical equipment that your hospital no longer needs?

Unhappy with OEM trade-in values?

Lacking standardized equipment decommission and selling process?

Have equipment that needs to be de-installed?

EcoMed has solutions for all your pre-owned medical equipment needs.

With 10+ years of experience, hundreds of hospitals served, thousands of devices sold and millions of dollars recovered for hospitals, EcoMed is proud to launch a proprietary equipment decommission service that is SIMPLE and FREE for healthcare organizations.

With our SIMPLE and FREE service, we manage every detail of selling equipment while you enjoy:

  • Professional TURN-KEY approach.
  • Reduced administrative and internal costs.
  • Technology to sell equipment in U.S. and abroad.
  • Dedicated professionals to manage the selling process.
  • Worldwide buyers bidding on your equipment.
  • Having us manage de-installations and logistics.
  • Staying compliant with trade regulations.
  • Transparent and unbiased process.
  • Receiving MULTIPLE OFFERS for equipment.
  • Do these situations sound familiar?

  • Vendor tells you that your equipment has low trade-in value because the market is saturated with same assets.
  • Purchase price for new equipment changes the moment you mention a potential trade-in.
  • You rely on vendor offers, eBay and DOTmed to tell you the value of your equipment.
  • You have high-priority and time-sensitive projects and selling equipment is not a part of your job description!
  • If these situations sound familiar, Let's Talk!

    We can save you time and money. We know the real value of pre-owned medical equipment. We know where to sell it. We know how to sell it. We help hundreds of hospitals sell and decomission medical equipment every year.

    And, now we made it even easier. Our new, proprietary SIMPLE and FREE service designed for hospitals is just 3-Steps:

    1. Tell us what equipment you need to sell.

    2. Email or text photos of the equipment.

    3. Review MULTIPLE offers and APPROVE the best one.

    We help hospitals focus on clincial care instead of dealing with nuances of selling and decommissioning equipment. And the best part is... it's SIMPLE and FREE!

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    Turn-Key Service
    • Equipment Appraisal
    • Direct, Online and Mobile Marketing
    • De-installation & Rigging
    • Payment Processing
    • Packing and Freight
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • Time Savings
    • Higher Sale Prices
    • Transparency and Trackability
    • Dedicated Sales Team
    • Standardized Sales Process
    • Free Service
    Your Access To
    • Worldwide Buyers
    • Apps Groups Buyers
    • On Demand Biomedical Engineers
    • De-installation Technicians
    • Equipment Marketing Services
    • Crating and Shipping Companies

    EcoMed exclusively works for healthcare facilities and professionally sells medical and imaging equipment.

    Have Equipment to Sell?

    Click Here. Tell us what it is. Send us a photo. We'll take it from there.