About Us

EcoMed's mission is to tranform and improve the way hospitals manage used medical assets.

For a decade, we have been providing Medical Asset Management and Recovery services to some of our nation's top healthcare systems, state-of-the-art surgery centers and not-for-profit hospitals around the country.

Regardless of their sizes, budgets and locations all of these facilities, prior to implementing Asset Recovery programs, followed the same antiquated methods of handling medical equipment that was phased out of clinical use.

These methods were inconsistent, inefficient, often undocumented and unsupported by real market data. They seldom supported corporate initiatives and were handled by internal staff not trained in asset recovery process.

It is a fact that when it comes to no-longer-needed medical equipment, all facilities have the same objective - sell it at the highest price!

However bigger priorities, absense of time, staff shortages, lack of resources and corporate limitations prevent the realization of this objective. Therefore, hospitals settle for the best they can get.

Asset Recovery is a standardized and professionally managed program that enables hospitals to reach their objective and put an end to settling.

EcoMed's global team of dedicated asset recovery professionals handle all aspects of the recovery process, provide support, data, tools, labor, logistics and expertise to recover maximum value from medical equipment that was phased out of clinical use.

Contact us to learn how Medical Asset Management and Recovery will enhance your facility's overall Supply Chain process.


Every company has them. They are designed to be important and often sound the same from company to company in used medical equipment industry.

We are different. We are professional. We are agile. We are resourceful.

Our values drive our passion and uncompromising dedication to treat every health care organization with the highest level of professionalism and integrity.

Focus on Client Satisfaction

Every client is unique. They all need a solve what to do with medical equipment after it's phased out of clinical use but they all have different objectives. Some value compliance over resale price. Others have a timeline that must be met. We'll stop at nothing to make our clients satisfied and successful.

Embrace Real Communication

We have open, honest and timely conversations. We share insights about used medical equipment market with our clients. We incorporate our clients' feedback into our processes. We strive for a mutually beneficial and valuable relationships.

Act Professional and Innovative

We are thoughtful and helpful. We are generous with our time and knowledge. We treat others with respect and work hard to find a solution. Our professionalism and innovation fosters a genuine atmosphere for our clients, buyers and partners.

Take Pride and Ownership

We provide a full spectrum of Investment Recovery services - medical equipment appraisals, resale, de-installation and relocation. These services are standardized and supported by analytical data, market trends and compliance. We take ownership in the process. We get personally vested in each project. We take pride in every step along the way.