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About Us

EcoMed's mission is to change the way health care organizations handle used medical equipment. Most facilities follow antiquated methods to resell equipoment after it's removed from clinical use.

These methods are inconsistent, inefficient and seldom support corporate initiatives.

When it comes to selling or upgrading used medical equipment, all facilities have the same objective - get the best offer! However shortage of time, staff, resources and market knowledge makes it challenging.

Facilities that resell, auction or trade-in equipment on their own always settle for an offer.

EcoMed's platform is exclusively designed for facilities that want the best offer and recognize it takes a team of dedicated professionals with proper tools and knowledge to obtain it.

Our sale strategies and recommendations are backed by real market data, cyclical pricing models and supply/demand economics.

Our mission is to enable health care facilities to resell used equipment equitably, safely and directly into the hands of buyers who need it while managing every aspect of the resale process.


Every company has them. They are designed to be important and often sound the same from company to company in used medical equipment industry.

We are different. We are professional. We are agile. We are resourceful.

Our values drive our passion and uncompromising dedication to treat every health care organization with the highest level of professionalism and integrity.

Focus on Client Satisfaction

Every client is unique. Yes, they want to sell their used equipment, but they also have different objectives. Some value compliance over price. Others have a timeline that must be met. We'll stop at nothing to make our clients satisfied and successful.

Embrace Real Communication

We have open, honest and timely conversations. We share insights about used medical equipment market with our clients. We incorporate our clients' feedback into our processes. We strive for a mutually beneficial and valuable relationships.

Act Professional and Innovative

We are thoughtful and helpful. We are generous with our time and knowledge. We treat others with respect and work hard to find a solution. Our professionalism and innovation fosters a genuine atmosphere for our clients, buyers and partners.

Take Pride and Ownership

We resell used medical equipment for health care organizations. We take ownership in the process. We get personally vested in each project. We take pride in matching used devices with their new owners while honoring our client's requests and values.