EcoMed is proud to highlight a sampling of our diverse Asset Recovery projects. These are just few examples showcasing our ability to sell unique, high-value, in-demand and over-supplied used medical devices.

Each sale generated our clients more revenue than proposed OEM trade-in, internally sourced vendor offers and average auction price of the same device.

Explore our portfolio and contact us to discover what Medical Asset Management and Recovery program can do for your facility.

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Medtronic O-Arm

This O-Arm was not upgraded to the latest software and without an upgrade was considered "obsolete" by an OEM. OEM also requested a fee to remove it from the hospital. Client asked us to validate if system was worthless. We founds this claim unsubstantiated and sold the system to a start-up company that designs and develops spinal surgery products. Instead of paying OEM for removal, our client received a payment for the O-Arm prior to it being removed from the hospital.

BSD Medical/Pyrexar Hyperthermia System

Hyperthermia systems have very limited demand and are not in wide circulation on secondary market. These conditions limit the pool of prospective buyers. In addition, our client requested this sale around the time that BSD Medical filed for bankruptcy. After several weeks of work, we negotiated a buyout with the company that acquired BSD's hyperthermia assets. Our client received payment before system was picked up.

Maquet Getinge Group CardioHelp

At the time we received a request to sell this unit, CardioHelp was in very high demand on secondary market. However, OEM Rep indicated the opposite to our client. Per OEM Rep, CardioHelp was unlikely to sell and the Rep offered to relocated this unit to another facility free of charge. Our client asked us to validate this information and in response, we presented them with six competing 5-figuire offers.

Philips CardioMD Nuclear Gamma Camera

Sale of this system required creativity! The buyer needed to conduct an inspection, however the facility where the system was located had an expired license for using radioactive isotopes. Since isotopes cannot be transported across state lines, system had to be relocated to a different facility for testing. In order to relocate and take possession of the system, we setup an escrow bank account where buyer was required to deposit full amount of their offer. The bank released agreed upon portion of the funds prior to an inspection with the remaining balance after the buyer presented, and Radiology Team accepted the inspection report and videos that supported inspection findings.

Siemens Servo 300 Ventilators

Ten ventilators were rescued from a recycling pile that was set aside by a user department. Clinical staff assumed ventilators were worthless because they were old, in need of PMs and some had over 30,000 hours of use. We lined up a buyer across the globe who was very happy to purchase them.

Datex Ohmeda Aestiva 5 Anesthesia Machine

There was nothing extraordinary about these anesthesia machines other than the buyer ended up waiting 10 months to receive them. These machines were being replaced and the delivery date of new machines was being delayed. 2 week delay turned into 4 which turned into 8 and so on. We worked with our client, buyer, supplier of new machines and transportation company to make sure this sale finalized the day after the new machines were installed.

GE Lightspeed PRO 16 CT

The original buyer of this CT scheduled an inspection with an independent third party service company. Our agents were present during the inspection and obtained a copy of the inspection report. Buyer was not aware of our presence during the inspection and tried to falsify inspection findings to renegotiate their initial offer. Situation spiraled to the detriment of our client and we rescinded the offer. Shortly thereafter, we procured another buyer who was earnest, professional and honored their commitment to purchase the system at the price that was acceptable to our client.

Stryker 1288HD Cameras,Controllers, Monitors, Light Sources

This was a system-wide 220+ piece replacement project. Over 2 dozens of "very healthy" offers were received and narrowed down to the best and highest ever generated for these type of assets. Our client was concerned about pick up and the time it will take to pack all the devices. To address their concerns, we engaged a local company that did a tremendous job removing equipment from the hospital in less than 45 minutes. Equipment was packed in a different location and our client did not have to allocate space, materials or staff time. As always, our client received payment before equipment was picked up.

Philips BV Pulsera C-Arm

As popular as these C-Arms may have been in their Hay Day, they are not desired by today's discerning buyers. At any given time, there is a large supply of them on secondary market. Good portion are in dire cosmetic condition and some require major repairs. Bottom line, nobody wants them… except buyers in Latin America. This was 1 of 6 systems that we sold within few months to buyers in that region. Our clients were pleasantly surprised because unequivocally, they all assumed these C-arms had to be scrapped.

GE Lunar Prodigy Bone Densitometer

Another great system purchased at list price, seldom used and therefore never upgraded. Prospective buyers were interested up until they reviewed technical specs and learned the system was missing key features. Few offers that were received would have barely covered cost of dinner at a Michelin 5-star restaurant. We heavily networked and connected with an international buyer who made a very generous offer and purchased this system for a hospital in Belize.

Stryker Secure II Hospital Bed

78 Stryker beds with mattresses. Clean and working with one caveat - our client had no storage and requested to have the beds picked up on the same day as the new beds would be delivered. OEM attempted to rescue the situation by offering to have one of their vendors remove beds for free. Our client declined this generous offer and requested for us to sell them. We had multiple offers with beds being awarded to a buyer who in addition to paying the highest price, committed to the removal request. It was an ideal scenario until we discovered that buyer only arranged for a truck but not labor to load the beds. Buyer was located outside the US and unaware that freight companies prohibit their drivers from walking into the building passed the dock to collect and load cargo. We had less than two hour to assemble skilled labor to move beds from 3rd, 2nd, 1st floors and outside terraces to the dock and load the truck. Mission accomplished!

Draeger Isoflurane Vaporizer

These vaporizers were rescued from 60 obsolete anesthesia machines. Machines were damaged, old and had no resale value on secondary market. Portion of the machines were donated to a local charity and portion was scheduled to be recycled. Before the machines were picked up by their respective organizations, we conducted a final walk-through and noticed a good number of vaporizers still attached to the machines. We removed them and sold to a buyer outside the US who offered to pay twice as much as US buyers were offering at that time.