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Our passion is your success

Health care facilities remove hundreds of different medical devices from clinical use each year. Using the same antiquated disposition methods to sell them is unproductive, time consuming and financially detrimental.

Our clients' success stems from us equitably and safely reselling their used medical equipment on an open market.

Our expertise helps prevent accumulation of surplus and avoid liquidation of high-value equipment. We work to understand your organization's medical equipment initiatives so we can set up and support your success every day.

For decades, health care facilities relied on trade-in agreements during upgrades, vendors to buy older equipment from the loading dock and as of late, auctions to liquidate equipmentld that wasn't traded or sold.

These reselling methods all proved to minimize revenue facilities collect and continue to perpetuate the problem.

Our objective is to tranform reselling process by providing transparency, proven methodology, unbiased recommendations, reselling conceierge service and connect facilities across US to global $38.0 billion marketplace.

While we utilize a proprietary algorithm to monitor volume and prices of equipment on an open market, we leverage human connection and partnership to resell equipment at highest prices that market will bear.

We recover up to 75% more than resellers and liquidators

Your results are what matters

With dedicated guidance, we help standardize the process of reselling used medical equipment. We target key metrics that matter to your organization: increasing resale revenue, reducing time clinical and support teams spend on handling devices removed from use and protecting from risks associated with selling used medical equipment.

As an extension of your team, we partner with you to equitably and safely resell used medical equipment, support capital equipment projects, provide resources and continually evolve to serve your organizations' changing needs.






Concierge Platform for "In Demand High-Value" Medical Equipment

Selling "in demand high-value" medical equipment requires expertise, market knowledge and a large network of buyers with liquid assets or readily available lines of credit.

We work with leasing companies,government funded entities and private buyers who exclusively partner with us to purchase gently used "in demand high-value" medical equipment.

Before upgrading and signing a trade-in agreement, find out if your equipment constitutes as an "in demand high-value medical device" that will resell at higher price directly to an independent buyer.