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Hospitals phase out hundreds of different medical assets from clinical use each year.

Many of these assets are valuable. Most of them are in operating condition. Some of them can be repurposed by the hospitals. Many can be sold on an open market.

However, due to time and resource limitations, hospitals will relocate these assets into storage, liquidate below their market value, scrap, or trade-in for new equipment.

These disposition methods are antiquated, inefficient, unproductive and financially detrimental.

Asset Recovery is an alternative, standardized approach that is designed to help hospitals recover their investment by either redeploying assets internally or selling them on an open market.

Asset Recovery program optimizes medical equipment replacement process, ensures compliance, prevents accumulation of surplus and liquidation of valuable medical assets.

Our asset recovery professionals work to understand your hospital's objectives, initiatives, timelines and strive to support your success every day.

The knowledge, expertise and resources we provide to hospitals generates millions of otherwise-lost dollars in recovered value.

EcoMed's Asset Recovery program is part of a global $38.0 billion used medical equipment marketplace.

Your results are what matters

There is no formal university training course that teaches Medical Asset Management and Recovery. Due to lack of formal education, staff and time constraints, hospitals rely on medical equipment disposition methods with a low ROI.

These methods include storage, liquidation, trade-in and scrapping.

The decision over which method to use is not supported by empirical data, but is rather based on subjective information provided by vendors or biased assumptions.

The main objective of our Medical Asset Management and Recovery program is to replace low ROI disposition methods with a standardized, optimized processes, resources and data-supported recommendations.

While our proprietary algorithm monitors volume and prices of medical equipment on an open market, our asset recovery professionals leverage human connections and partnerships to recover maximum value.

As an extension of a hospital Supply Chain, EcoMed manages the Asset Recovery process, equitably and safely resells medical assets, supports capital equipment projects, provides resources and continually evolves to serve hospital's changing needs.






Concierge Platform for "High-Value Medical Devices"

Selling "High-Value Medical Device" requires expertise, market knowledge and a large network of buyers with liquid assets or readily available lines of credit.

We work with leasing companies, government funded entities and private buyers who exclusively partner with us to purchase gently used high-value medical devices.

Before trading-in your equipment, find out if it constitutes as a "High-Value Medical Device" that will resell at higher price on an open market.